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Product For Punks: A Manifesto For Rethinking Product Leadership To Go Beyond The Norm

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Amidst the endless noise within the product management realm, a growing movement brews. One that rejects incremental thinking for empowered action. One ready to truly challenge assumptions, defy convention, and to rethink and redefine a new standard for product leadership.

This book spearheads a rallying cry for the Product Punks - a new breed of radical product thinkers ready to go beyond the norm and challenge the status quo.

These are the product leaders who dare to think different, question the conventions of product development, and pursue bold innovation without compromise. They don't just build products, they pioneer an attitude, ready to rise up against the frustration of what product leadership has sadly become.

Product For Punks is a manifesto for this new breed of product thinker. Ultimately it's a manifesto against mediocrity.

Within these pages lies the mindset and principles to:

  • Overcome mediocrity and bureaucracy
  • Rethink entrenched practices holding you back
  • Challenge norms through critical thinking
  • Develop high-impact product strategies
  • Unlock creativity and empowered execution
  • And much more...

This book provides more than just tactics. It delivers an antidote to incrementalism, groupthink, and the corporate distractions that reduce impact. It's a call to action for product leaders seeking to cut through the noise and achieve lasting differentiation and professional success.

You'll discover how to apply 111 principles over 12 sections:

  • Rethinking Mindsets
  • Rethinking Strategy
  • Rethinking Priorities
  • Rethinking Stakeholders
  • Rethinking Teams
  • Rethinking Yourself
  • Rethinking Culture
  • Rethinking Discovery
  • Rethinking Development
  • Rethinking Growth
  • Rethinking The Future

My sincere hope is that the principles inside will inspire you to have the confidence to take bold risks, develop conviction, and unlock your full potential to do great product work that matters. You'll gain the skills and mentality to build incredible products, teams, and companies.

So strap on your combat boots. Get ready to blaze your own trail, rethink the realm of the possible, and achieve revolutionary impact.

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You'll get a 135-page PDF of the book (which can be sent directly to your Kindle if you wish). 111 high-signal principles and how to start actioning them, today.

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Product For Punks: A Manifesto For Rethinking Product Leadership To Go Beyond The Norm

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